Certificate Of Origin Form For China-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement

(b) have agreed on compensation and the complaining Party considers that the other Party has failed to comply with the terms of the Agreement, 1. The role of a panel is to make an objective assessment of the dispute before it, including an examination of the facts, applicability and compliance with this Agreement. 1. This Section shall apply to measures relating to agricultural trade adopted or maintained by the Contracting Parties. This Chapter shall apply to all technical rules, standards and conformity assessment procedures of a Party which may directly or indirectly affect trade in goods between contracting Parties, with the exception of SPS measures under Chapter 6 (sanitary and phytosanitary measures) or purchasing specifications established by public authorities for the production or consumption requirements of public authorities. preferential tariff treatment: the customs duty applicable to goods of origin under this Agreement; 2. Where goods are subject to a change in the tariff classification criterion set out in Annex 3 (product-specific rules of origin), the origin of the packaging materials and containers in which the goods are put up for retail sale shall not be taken into account in determining the origin of the goods, provided that the packaging materials and containers are classified as goods. However, where the product is subject to a regional value requirement, the value of packaging materials and containers used for retail trade shall be taken into account in determining the origin of the products as originating or non-originating products. (a) written requests for additional information from the importer; 4. This Section shall not affect the rights and obligations of members of the International Monetary Fund under the Articles of the Fund Agreement, including the use of foreign exchange transactions consistent with the Articles of the Agreement, unless a Member limits capital transactions that are contrary to its specific obligations under this Section with respect to such transactions; with the exception of Article 163 (restrictions on balance of payments hedging) or at the request of the Fund. .

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